I continue to swim through a sea of blue. The weather did not permit for outdoor painting this past month, the lights were low as were the temperatures, and so painting – when it happened – took place in the studio. Took the pebble out of my shoe that was whispering “..too much blue, too much blue..” and dismissed it as fear based judgement. Absolutely no use for that. Two sky scapes in the making, then a painting depicting a New Mexican landscape scene which has changed considerably over the past months, followed by a very raw, 15 minute oil sketch. By comparison to what my paintings have been about over the past 3 years, this is more unusual as it brings man-made back into play. The scene is a still life, one that I have been wanting to paint for more than 16 years. It shows part of the front of a tiny cabin with porch, door, wiggly wooden chair, art clutter and my french easel (you can’t really make that one out yet). I would stay in the cabin, located in Oscuro, New Mexico during my many visits to that area, and while the cabin still exists, the hostel which it was a part of burned down in early 2000.



DSC_0228-2 DSC_0230-2