I’m currently working on roughly twelve paintings. All of them are in various stages of becoming or being completed, and may end up looking totally different from how they do now. While a piece is in progress, I try to steer clear of feelings around preciousness, allowing room for plenty of change as the work moves along. It’s an ongoing practice, not getting too attached before the piece reveals itself to me and I understand where it wants to go. To know when enough is enough, when to let go and move away from that which has become and needs no more fussing with.

Below are three examples of work in progress, all done in oil on luan (aka lauan) plywood. The top and bottom one measure 8×10″, the middle one 16×20″.


Early morning view at Far Out Ranch, New Mexico, towards the San Andres Mountains1526


Storm clouds over San Andres Mountains, seen from the former Oscuro High Desert Hostel1515


Trail in White Oaks, New Mexico